URQ Lateral Window Sinus Augmentation with PRF and Implant Placement at Sites #3 and #5

1. Pre-operative Panoramic radiograph captured with CBCT
2. Pre-operative photograph showing the patient’s surgical site
3. Soft tissue being reflected by a dentist of the Comprehensive Implant Residency Program (CIRP)
4. The surgical site being rinsed with Saline solution
5. Intra-op photo showing the Lateral window approach prior to grafting the sinus
6. Intra-op photo showing the Lateral window approach prior to grafting the sinus
7. The patient’s right antecubital fossa being disinfected with an alcohol whipe prior to phlebotomy
8. The clinician drawing blood, from the patient, which will be transformed into PRF after centrifuging
9. The clinician drilling osteotomies for the placement of 2 implants in the URQ
10. The clinician placing an implant at the site of #3
11. Photograph showing the alignment of implants at #3 and #5. The implants can also be visualized through the lateral window. This method can reduce surgical time.
12. The clinician filling the URQ sinus with Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF)
13. Photo showing the lateral window approach after grafting with PRF
14. Post-op radiograph showing the patient’s panoramic.
15. Post-op CBCT showing the implants placement relative to the existing bone

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