4.9 Second Green Scan Time

Green CT 2 minimizes motion artifact and enables faster work flow due to its scan time.

Adjustable Column Height

Suitable for patients of all sizes

Stabilizing Temple Rods

Temple rods assist in holding the patient still to reduce motion artifacts


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Ez3D-i Software Tour

Ez3D-i, CUTTING-EDGE SOFTWARE FOR CUTTING-EDGE DIAGNOSTICS Ez3D-i is the ideal tool to quickly and easily obtain the correct perspectives needed for accurate, true-to-measurement diagnosis. To initiate the software demo, click 'Start Tour' to begin. Then, choose any of the highlighted buttons to interact with the software.

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3D Pan

Use this tab to view the 3D volume in a 2D Pan-type display.

TMJ View

Use this tab to view the patient's temporomandibular joints.

Measure Airway

Use this tool to measure the volume of the patient's airway.

Teeth View

3D preset optimized for viewing the dentition.

Bone View

3D preset optimized for bone rendering.

MIP View

3D preset optimized for endodontic application.

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