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Original Source – Engel Institute

Pre-operative CBCT analysis demonstrates adequate bone height.  Being aware of vital anatomy is critical to reduce your anxiety in considering placement of a dental implant in the posterior mandible. Being able to atraumatically extract and diagnose for a single posterior dental implant is an important part of our general dentistry practices.




Pre-operative digital radiograph of a non-restorable primary tooth indicates the need for extraction. The tooth was removed and the site allowed to heal for a few months, per the patient’s request. The Engel protocol is followed and a two-dimensional radiograph helps in the evaluation of available vertical bone.




The Straumann surgical burs help create proper medial-distal and facial-lingual angulation of the implant, to help ideally place the implant.  Dr. Engel promotes visualizing the final crown BEFORE considering a dental implant.  Therefore, proper implant placement will allow for more predictable restorative results.




The implant was torqued to 35Ncm, so a taller healing abutment is placed, eliminating the need for further anesthesia upon taking the final impression. The Straumann impression technique is used. Our dental laboratory provides a screw retained implant crown to replace the missing first molar.




The final implant crown is torqued to 35 Ncm and our patient is thrilled with the final functional and esthetic result.

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