Supported Windows 7 Devices: 

Note: All 3D Devices must be inspected for supporting “FrameGrabber/AnyGrabber” Card. IT or Certified Dealer Technician Visit is required to inspect the card to confirm it is compatible for upgrade.

Vatech Legacy Units:

EzSensor (Non Multi Series)


Pax P&P

PaxPrimo* (LCD TYPE)

PaxUni , PaxUni3D (Except H-Pannel Versions) -32bit only



PaxDuo3D (First Generation) – these will use the “LVDS” grabber cables*

PaxReve3D (First Generation) – these will use the “LVDS” grabber cables*


All Listed Units Below are non -supported for Windows 7


Ewoo  Legacy Units

Picasso Trio

Picasso Duo (including C1 Sensor equipped units)

Picasso Master3D/Master3Ds

(non Picasso) Master3D/Master3Ds

PaxUni , PaxUni3D (H-Pannel Versions) -32bit only

PaxReve3D – (Second Generation) equipped with Hardware Version 1.1 AG2.0 Card (No support – VISTA ONLY)

AnySensor/AnySensorN (All versions)


Suni* and Suni3D Units* (including H-Pannel Versions) – Contact Suni Digital Imaging.

Synca  – Gray Falcon Intra Oral Sensors (All sizes) – Contact Synca*


NOTICE: This serves as official notice of compatibility and compliance, all units regardless of age manufactured and discontinued during active Windows OS lifespan falls into full compliance. Any unit that fails to update due to compatibility issues with or with out notice, Vatech is not able to guarantee any upgrade to any windows platform other than ‘as delivered by manufacture’ due to changes or updates to Windows* by Microsoft with out notice at any given time. Any upgrade to new windows platform should be carefully managed by certified IT, always retaining old Capture PC in its entirety in case of upgrade failure to reversion of the system and retention. In some cases limited functionality might apply; such as twain, direct integration and other such which was originally designed to operate in the previous platform. In those cases we are unable to provide functionality.  It is strongly advised that any upgrade a certified IT professional creates a ‘clone’ copy of the working hard drive in case of failure due to such updates or changes out side of our control.

The orginal PC provided is the recommend PC and PC Specs to run the device. All other PC’s including those specs used by preivous IT are all subject to user – use at own risk even if meeting or exceeding ‘specfications’. We recommend using the provided PC; orginally provided ‘As delivered by manufacture’ as it is what is designed to operate the internal cards and device funtionality including software – reconstruction and so forth. If OS upgrade is selected; we recommend replacing hard disk in existing PC. Benchmark and replace any faulty components as needed. Solid State Drives serve as a great upgrade option and increasing phyiscal memory. Install new OS on new Hard Drive retaining old drive as backup which will later be stored for safe keeping by the end users.