Practice Management bridging to EzDent-i linkage.xml message when bridging information from 3rd party

Written on Feb 21, 2018
Practice Management bridging to EzDenti- linkage.xml message when bridging information from 3rd party is typically caused by lack of certain key patient information.
  • Chart ID (Some software referrs to Patient ID)
  • Name (First and Last)
  • DOB (mm/dd/yyyy is typical)
  • Gender (Male or Female)

First you will want to try a known good patient that has been previously passed and verify operation of the bridge it self, if it still fails then check that you can manually open EzDent-i and pull up a patient referencing the user manual on how to bring up a patient chart.

Once you confirm normal charting is working in EzDent-i re-confirm the patient chart information is correctly entered into the patient chart from the Practice Management software before bridging.

If for any reason EzDent-i it is not connecting or opening manually previously passed charts, contact Vatech Support for further assistance. However if it is working properly and If all information is properly entered but not passing the chart, or opening previously passed chart please reach out to the support team of the respected Practice Management software to verify the bridge settings.