To burn or Export 3D Dicom using Ez3Di to CD/DVD, you will first want to open the 3D Volume you wish to burn as normal for viewing procedure.

Once the scan is open you will first want to access the Ez3Di Menu by clicking the black colored menu button as shown below.

Next you will choose the “Export” button as shown below.

Next you will open the export options menu – Step A. choose rather to export via CD/DVD or File; You will want to choose CD/DVD (Default option) Step B. Compression Should remain at default “Lossless” Step C. Verify the selection of DCM Files and Viewer are selected Step D. Hit the Export button.

Once you have selected Export wait a moment while the process begins.

Once finished Disk Burner program will now launch; data size will be shown of the files to be burnt.

–Anything smaller than 650 mb you can use CD-R disk

-Anything larger than 650 mb you must use a DVD-R or RW

Click “Burn” to start the burning process.

You will get a progress bar as shown below; when finished the CD/DVD will eject.